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Prevention Programs

We Address The Harmful Effects of Negative Behaviors

We Help At-Risk Students Prevent Risky Behaviors

Preferred Systems prevention staff facilitate evidenced based prevention programs to at-risk student populations in schools, community, and neighborhood centers.

Our behavior specialists work to reduce and prevent risky behaviors in children by addressing the harmful effects of bullying, violence, gambling, and other negative behaviors including alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.  

Our staff help students to envision a more positive future by teaching a caring approach to bullying and violence prevention that includes:

Our Programs

Drug, Alcohol, Violence & Gambling Prevention Programs
Youth at risk of adolescent delinquency often come from stressed and socially isolated families. These children also frequently fail in school and may eventually drop out. We provide prevention programs that bring at-risk children and their families together through prevention education groups to strengthen families and increase the likelihood that children will succeed at home, at school, and in the community.

Learning to think and act positively leads kids to feel good about themselves and improve their self-esteem. We strive to provide our kids the resources to develop positive ways to address these important issues on a daily basis and teach kids to value the important parts of life.

Based on research through the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), our prevention programs build protective factors for children and increase parent involvement with the family, other parents, the school, and the community.

Our FREE Drug, Alcohol, Violence and Gambling Prevention Classes are offered to schools, social service agencies, community centers and religious organizations of Erie County, Pennsylvania. In partnership with the Erie County Office of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, our programs aim to raise awareness and knowledge concerning these at-risk behaviors among youth, parents, and the community-at-large.

Classes include:
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Our Specialists
Meet our team of experienced behavior specialists:

Norman Roberts
Marjoire Corritore
Lester Howard
Elaine Stanton
Antonio Jordan
Merle Page
Additional specialists not featured above include Julian Brown and Ryan Gaines.

Example Program Video
Luckiest Grandpa

About Preferred Systems

Since 1995, our mission has been to promote the value of career advancement through all forms of training; including mandated pre-licensing preparation, continuing education, OSHA safety training, and behavioral health, violence, and gambling prevention training. 

Our clients include professional associations, large corporations, small businesses, as well as government offices and public institutions. We provide quality educational programs for our clients that are personalized to meet their organization’s unique training needs. 

Preferred Systems is headquartered in Erie, Pennsylvania and has additional office locations in Baltimore, Maryland and Chautauqua, New York. We work with organizations across the country to deliver the training your members or employees need to stay competitive in your industry.

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